July 18, 2014

I left Oxford, AL a little after 9:00 in heavy overcast that looked like rain. Sure enough, I’d no more gotten back up on I-20 than the light rain began. Fortunately the road was dry and the rain light, so there was no spray from trucks and other cars. I was late enough to miss the inbound rush hour for Birmingham and despite the rain, I could enjoy the trip. Continue Reading »

July 17, 2014

At last the rain clouds were gone, the sun was shining, and best of all, it was at my back for I was officially Heading West. Barbara launched me on my westward trip by leading me to Oleander Drive which was signed US 74 and 76 out of Wilmington. Somewhere along the line, Continue Reading »

Too much traffic, too much rain, and a GPS I still wasn’t communicating with well dissuaded me from driving the Outer Banks. Instead, I took US 17 through lots of little towns almost the length of North Carolina and arrived at Don and Barb’s house in Wilmington in late afternoon. Continue Reading »

A little after 9 this morning I had stuffed the last of my belongings into the Little Blue Car,  said my goodbyes to our hosts John and Susan and to my husband, and headed to town. There are probably lots of branches of my bank everywhere I’ll go, but Continue Reading »

“Oh that would be so cool!”

“It would be so nice to just take off into the sunset [or some other direction] without a care in the world.”

“You’re doing WHAT???” Continue Reading »

A New Chapter

A few years ago I drove from Virginia to Iowa by way of Tennessee and Texas. It was the first trip I had driven by myself and I loved it. My little blue car and I went cheerily down the road, radio blasting most of the time. And now I’m ready to roll again. Continue Reading »

Readers of this blog know it covered four and a half months of our travel in a fifth-wheel trailer during the winter of 2012-2013. Now it is spring again and perhaps you have considered your own road trip. Continue Reading »

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