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It has dawned on us that maybe this wasn’t the best place to camp, since we explored so much here two years ago. The places we haven’t seen are quite some drive away…so what do we do? We need to stay in the Blythe area because at the end of the week our granddaughter’s mother will be bringing her back to us so we can take her to her dad.

My first idea was to try to get to McCoy spring, not very far north of I-10 if our road is open past the rest stop. (more…)

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We thanked our hosts one more time for letting us “camp” on their driveway for a week and made our way down the back road to I-10. Even though Larry had worked in Calimesa for several years and repaired phones in all the mountain and pass communities, we were hard-pressed to find any familiar landmarks besides the mountains themselves. It did appear that with the advent of Indian casinos, the Morongo Reservation is not quite as miserable a place to live as we remember it. (more…)

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There is an outlet mall down the street from the casinos here in Laughlin, NV. In the food court there is little food, few people, too much loud music, and several RV’ers sitting at tables in an alcove. The wifi connection is excellent. It is so nice to get caught up with everyone again. Or would be, if people wrote! To all of you good friends who have been following this blog, please don’t tell us you have nothing interesting to say. We want to know what’s been happening. Are there any new hams at breakfast? Has the library fallen apart without my volunteer efforts (yeah, I know the answer to that one!). Anybody have a new grandchild? What’s happening out there??? (more…)

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